So here we go with the DIY for the previous post, in which I promised to show you how to make this ancient inspired necklace. So lets start!

   You will need:

  • white spray
  • sea shells (9 pieces)
  • wax gilt treasure gold
  • golden chain
  • lobster clasp (1 piece)
  • golden split rings (8 pieces)



   Step 2:

Apply with the finger the wax gilt treasure gold on the prominent surfaces of the sea shells.

Step 1:

Spray the white color on the sea shells and than allow them to dry for half an hour.

   Step 3:

Arrange the sea shells in the position you like and than tread the golden chain. In the scheme above I illustrated my positioning of shells and the way I thread the chain.


That's how they should look like after you did the step 2.

   Step 5:

Fix the lobster clasp.

   Step 4:

Fix the ends of the golden chain with a golden split ring.

Hope you enjoyed the creative activity and see you next time for more inspiration!