So here is the post I promised, in which I'll show how you can make the necklace, that I wore during my stayin Odessa. By the way, from now on I begin a new column, named"Do It by Yourself", abbreviated DIY. Here I'll present you some easy, but still interesting and inventive ideas, that I hope will be useful for you in future. So lets' begin!!!

 Recently I have found a jewellery, which I didn't wear for ages,and I decided to make it more interesting. It's something like an update of an old thing, which I turned into a new one. So if you also have an old jewellery, that you would like to update, follow the steps below:

You will need: 

  -An old jewelry

   -Metallic chain

   -Coloured cord

   -Chain with chrystals

   -Metal cone-shaped pins

   -a small crystal

Step 2:

When you ended the first row, you can start making the second one. Here you should do the same actions: using the metalic chain and the chain with crystals you insert the coloured cord into the first link ( the same as in the step 1), wrap the first separation of the chain with crystas and introduce it into the first link of the second metalic chain. Keep repeating, and in the end just make a knot on both sides.

Step 1:

  First leave about 5 cm of coloured cord before braiding the first row of the necklace. Holding the metallic chain near the necklace start inserting the coloured cord into the first link and wrap the first separation of the necklace. Continue byrepeating the action until the necklace ends. You should tight it well, otherwise it will loosen from the chain.

  Step 3:

  Using a super glue, stick the small crystal and the metal cone-shaped pins on the necklace.

P.S. You can make the bracelet the same way.

Hope you liked my first DIY and wish you luck in making your own jewellery.