So in the previous post I promised to show you the DIY for the earrings I wore. The best part of these accessories is the fact that you can wear them on different occasions, being this a special event or just a walk by the seashore (like I did) and combine them with different clothes. So it gives you a lot of flexibility in using them and, moreover, it's really easy to make these earrings. So let's move from words to actions and go through all the steps of the DIY.

 So here's what you will need for the DIY:

  • peacock feathers shortened at the needed level (2 pieces)
  • manicure pliers  
  • head pins (2 pieces)
  • crimp beads (2 pieces)
  • ear wire hooks (2 pieces)
  • bead caps(4 pieces)
  • brass bead tip (double loop bottom clamp style) (2 pieces)
  • beads (2 pieces)

Step 2:

Fix the brass bead tips, so that the crimp bead would be inside of it.

   Step 1:                                           

Thread the brass bead tip and fix the crimp bead.

 Step 4:

Thread through the pin a bead and 2 bead caps and than flex one of the extremities in form of a hook.

 Step 3:

Break the head of the pin.

   Step 6:

Bend the other extremity in form of a hook.

 Step 5:

 Fix the ear wire hooks.

   Step 7:

Fix it with the brass bead tip.

Et voilà!