Well, well...long time since we have seen or heard from each other, my dear readers. Hope you've been missing me, because I really did. So here I am settled down for some time, after a month full of craziness, and hectic days. Now I can officially say that I am a designer graduate, and in this post I'm gonna show you one of the works I've created for my final year diploma project. So what I designed was a series of backpacks inspired from origami, and geometric forms. The backpacks were made in collaboration with the company "Young" from Cluj-Napoca, who helped me with the materials, and assisted me during the making process.

My first baby (cause that's how I like to call it), is the black serpent model. It is made of three pieces: two of them are fixed, while the third one is mobile, which folds into the fixed one, in this way opening the backpack itself. I used several types of materials, but the main ones are: the comatex- for making the solid structure of the backpack, and the leather, which covers two parts of the backpack. I hope you'll like my creation, and I am very curious to find out your opinion about it in the comments section bellow! Special thanks to Andriana Oborocean, who made the photos (you can find her facebook page here).