When traveling I always love to discover the hidden spots of the cities I visit. How do I do that? Well nowadays the technology offers you more than enough information to dig up those treasures, and then it becomes just another touristic spot on your list. A much more authentic way is to reserve a day and literally get lost in the city. This spontaneity offers you much more pleasure, rather than a planned tour through the most visited sights of your travel  destination. It offers the chance to stumble upon places you would never think of. That's exactly what happened to me in Budapest. While wandering the streets of this beautiful city, I came across this absolutely cute and adorable cafe that had this dreamy decoration. Besides, it was a perfect match with my outfit, which was like a caramel topping on the pastel shades bowl of macaroons.


The second location - the visit to which was planned beforehand - was the Museum of Applied Arts. I must confess that the art pieces exhibited in this museum weren't the only reason why I wanted to visit it.  The interior was the part that attracted me the most, and as you can see from the pictures it is a masterpiece by itself. In addition to the  impressive interior inspired by Hindu, Mogul, and Islamic designs, the Museum houses a collection of metalwork, furniture, textiles, and glass. The exterior architecture is made in Art Nouveau style.

beige shades look.jpg
inside museum of applied arts_.jpg
inside museum of applied arts in Budapest.jpg