So here it is, the last post from so called "summer edition". I was lucky enough to catch the last warm days here in the Netherlands, and make a photo shoot on the beach. Since I have been living in this country for a while already, I can tell you that weather is the most discussed subject here. Mostly it either rains or the wind blows, or both. The rare days when you get a bit of sunshine and warmth are truly a blessing from god for the locals. But hey, after all the good part is that at least you begin to appreciate those small and trivial things, and you find yourself happy as a kid when you get a sunny day. So now let's go back to that moment and feel the beach atmosphere. The air is filled with the smell of the sea. The warm sand is running under the feet, and you feel slight breeze embracing all your body. The hair is playing with the wind, moving as if it's alive. Nothing distracts you anymore except the monotonous sound of waves balancing back and forth along the shore. Isn't it the embodiment of perfection?

Belted Slit A-Line Skirt.jpg
beachware outfit for traveling.jpg
beachware outfit_.jpg
Maxi length skirt.jpg
desert flower.jpg
red combo.jpg
beachware red outfit_.jpg
red combination.jpg
High waisted skirt.jpg
cropped top.jpg
red dress.jpg

Photography by Tufan Karadere