After living in the Netherlands for more then a year I can tell you that I still feel like a tourist here. On the one hand I can easily figure out where I am and find out my route, and navigate without my phone, which is already a big progress. On the other hand there's still so much more to learn and discover. I must admit that this is a great perk, because you will hardly get bored by it.
One of my recent "discoveries" is a place called Giethoorn located   in the province of Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands. The so called  “Dutch Venice” enchants  with very cute typical Dutch houses surrounded by picturesque canals, and small wooden bridges to cross over. However unlike Venice, tranquil atmosphere of this place mesmerizes you. People come here  to enjoy the idyllic views and the peaceful nature. The 200-year-old houses are laboriously taken care of by their 2620 residents. The village has no roads, that's why the residents, and the tourists cannot use cars here. There are only 2 ways of getting around in Giethoorn: small walking paths or canals. If you got curious about this lovely village , have a look at the pictures to feel the fairytale-like atmosphere of this beautiful spot of the Netherlands. Let me know if you have ever been there or heard about it in the comments below.

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Photography by Tufan Karadere

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