Something that frequently happens to bloggers is that they very often store hundreds and hundreds of pictures, that may be displayed on their site or Instagram only later on, if never. Well, why is this such an often occcurring practice? You might think, if someone has lots of nice pictures, why not to show them to the world? There are several explanations for this: some people may not have time to do it regularly, other people may just use this argument to actually mask the fact that they simply have been procrastinating, others are waiting for the perfect moment to be in trend or simply match seemingly all the pictures on their Instagram. There are many reasons, always...but one of them for sure made me store this photo shoot on one of the highest shelves of my computer, making it dusty and rusty. Luckily, the outfit, captured on these photos already some time ago, is still in fashion, and it will always be. Why? Because it’s kind of the classics of the edgy style. But what is edgy style? In my vision, it’s something you won’t put on in everyday life. It’s something that makes you stand out and leave your comfort zone. It’s also the unexpected merge of different styles that combine in the end for a perfect total. For me it's a sleek hairstyle paired with a deep V cut of an elegant blouse, a rock style leather jacket, and some electric blue oxfords. Still, when mixing and matching an outfit with the purpose of making the look edgy, we always need to remember one thing: what is edgy to us is not necessarily the same to someone else for the simple fact that tastes and visions differ. So next time when someone argues against your edgy look, don’t waste your time to convince that person, just be self-confident!
 What is your vision of an edgy look? How do you see it? I am curious to know your opinion, so write it in the comments section below.