Well well, this outfit has been waiting a long time for its turn. Actually, really long time! You will realize it, when you notice the garlands on the background, conferring that holiday glow to the images. I remember that day was very hectic, we wandered around the city searching for a nice location to shoot this outfit, and stumbled upon two cafes, and an outside place, which looked ideal for it. I am blaming all on that unsatisfying feeling of pursuing “the perfect pictures”. Actually this is my fad. Whenever I am not satisfyed with the result, and it doens’t turn out to be as I imagined, I am usually remaking it until I get what I want. That’s why in this post you’ll see a minitour through some really cool cafes, where I like to spend my time. 

What I tried to convey to you through my outfit is how you can look elegant, and chic, so that everybody turns their heads just to admire you walking along the street. It’s the combination of transparency and opacity, that makes this outfit so sexy and elegant at the same time. The sweater which perfectly follows the lines of the body paired with the long skirt, belted at waist, accentuates very well the feminine shape. Since a long time ago hats are considered one of the brightest attributes of aristocratic style and chicness. For me it’s the best accesory to stand out from the crowd. So what do you think, is the hat that “final touch”, giving your look personality? If yes, what kind of hats do you like to wear? Write it down in the comments, and let’s share opinions and impressions!