Do you know those people who listen to all kinds of music? Who live, and breathe it. Who are truly impassioned about it. If I'm not mistaken, they are also called melomaniac. Well...I have it, but with fashion. If I was asked to pick up a single style, I wouldn't have a certain answer simply because I like all of them. I like to be different, to experiment, and to show you my vision of mixing, and matching in this or that style. This time I'll show you how I see a rock style outfit, but with a pinch of femininity added to it, that would spice the look. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures, and would like to sum up the above said with a quote by Robert Frost that I absolutely love: "Freedom lies in being bold". So let's be bold, and fearless, and experiment with ideas and styles!

Photography by Francisc Sandor