The New Year is right around the corner, and this means that along with the headache of what to wear on New Year's Eve, we also get another type of headache. That sort of melancholic state of mind reminding us that another year has just passed, and we are on our way to a new chapter in our life. Was it a good year? A productive one? Did we fulfill all the goals and wishes we planned at the beginning of the year? All these questions are invading our minds, and we frantically start to analyze the outcomes of our previous New Year's resolutions. The almost ended year for me was more of a going with the flow rather then a planned out one. Maybe it's sometimes okay to let it flow by itself and just see how it goes, or maybe it's just an excuse, which I invented to cover up the fear of the unfulfilled  dreams. Either way, the past year has been a radical change for me. I started living in the Netherlands, more precisely in Amsterdam. Got a job as a social media marketer and designer at a 3D printing company. Started learning Dutch.  It's all new to me, and I am still getting used to it, but you know what? It keeps me excited! What are you up to the next year? Let's inspire each other in the comments below and make the coming year an unforgettable one!