“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Coco Chanel           

When talking about the parisian style, which I perceive as everlasting classics, I instantly imagine that woman, who effortlessly stands out from the crowd. It is that style in her clothes, that grace in her gestures, and that elegance in her manners, which uncovers her high class. This idea inspired me to create a look, which would correspond to the associated image in my mind. So, if we talk about classics and parisian style, nothing can beat the black color and feminine sihlouette, which I simply adore. That’s how a masculine style jacket belted in the waist zone can easily become the sexiest thing in your outfit. In my case the jacket is even longer than a usual one, and is worn with a below-the-knee skirt. In fact, it should shorten the legs, but that’s why the platform heels were invented. With their help you can balance it all, and voilà...you get the parisian look.