After a long absence on the vasts of social media, finally here I am! I must say I missed it all: from the very idea to sharing the final result with all of you, my dear readers. It's quite a satisfying feeling when you are the one controlling the whole process from the beginning till the end, at least that's in my case. The truth is that when I lose control of things, I have that uncomfortable feeling of insecurity. That's why I try to avoid those kind of situations. Do you also feel the same? So planning a photo shoot is quite a task for me, as I forethink in what style it will be made, the clothes I'll wear, the hairstyle, and makeup, the location, even sometimes the settings of the camera (depending on who is photographing me). This means, of course, that the whole story is quite time consuming, but at the end of the day it's not about how much effort you put into the things you do, but the pleasure and satisfaction you get from actually doing them. That is the real reward.

This time I decided to go for a sporty minimalist look. I wanted it simple and clean, nothing more, and nothing less. I must admit that my clothing style may change from one day to another, but some things remain unchanged, and that is the love for minimalism. Of course, I couldn't resist the temptation to add the "in vouge" detail, aka the nautical hat, as in the Tommy Hilfiger & Gigi Hadid collection. Maybe you have noticed that it is quite a popular item now among the fashionistas. The makeup and hairstyle I decided to do as simple as possible, as I wanted to keep it in the "day-to-day look" section.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I am curious to find out your opinion in the comments section bellow on how you would wear the nautical hat. Any kind of ideas, and suggestions are more then welcome! Let's inspire each other!

Photography by Tufan Karadere