Before giving you one more travel guide through Budapest, let's make a short break and alternate the themes. So this time I want to share with you a sporty, yet chic outfit, in which you'll feel really comfy, when rushing on your busy days. Actually it is my vision of a perfect outfit to wear on a daily basis. So what's the recipe for this versatile look? Well, the idea is to combine some classic pieces with the sportswear, in my case these are classic pants and a grey coat paired with the sports shoes. I was looking for quite a long time to find such a combination, that will look sporty, yet will be designed to go out to the city. Though I admit the fact that nowadays fashion has no boundaries, when we talk about mixing and matching, still it's sometimes very easy to fall into extremes. Hope you liked my way of doing it, and have a wonderful beginning of spring, sweethearts!

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