Whilst autumn has already started, I am still stuck in summer, and I do believe that some of you too. That's why I think it's never too late for a beachwear post on my blog. This time I gave a try to purchase some items from an online shop called Zaful, among them being this cute swimsuit. I have been looking for quite some time already for a crochet bikini, but since I couldn't find anything like I imagined in the shops, I "took the risk" to buy it online. I must confess that it is my first online purchase made till now, so I really was concerned about the quality and the size of the clothes. Well, in the end both turned out to be good, I would say unexpectedly good. The swimsuit that you can see in the pictures below is made of cotton, which has it's positive and negative sides. Being a natural material it might be more capricious in use, so you need to take special care of it. At the same time it feels different on your skin rather then a synthetic one. The top can be also combined with a pair of high waisted shorts and a jacket, et voilĂ , you have a nice sexy casual style outfit. I am curious to know how you would combine the top of this swimsuit. Leave your version in the comments section below!

crochet swimsuit.jpg
white crochet swimsuit.jpg
zaful white swimsuit.jpg
white swimsuit.jpg
swimsuit for summer.jpg
zaful swimsuit.jpg
best summer swimsuit.jpg
swimsuit collection.jpg

Photography by Tufan Karadere