When it comes to professional career, all the aspects matter. The way we dress is undoubtedly a very important part of the image we want to create. It's our visual business card, which we offer when we meet our employer, employees, or clients. Thus due to significant importance of this aspect, I tend to post outfits related to this topic. In my opinion the business attire should be minimalistic, 2 or 3 toned, well-suited, and well-tailored. That's why spending money on a good quality suit is a long-term investment. If you're into wearing accessories, as I am, then it's a must to opt for a small piece, which wouldn't attract much attention. Talking about shoes, if you want to feel comfortable, you can go for loafers, as I did. If you want to wear heels, you can opt for a classic pair. In the pictures you'll see my version of such an outfit. I hope this post was informative, and let me know what other types of outfits you would like to see on my blog.