Hours of wandering around the city in the company of close to heart people, new discoveries of the utterly beautiful corners of Budapest, the sweet and sour taste of mulled wine and the heady flavour of the cake baked on a spit, what more can I ask for? All these are tiny but memorable moments from my last trip to Budapest, which were captured on photos, and now I am eager to share them with you! 

When I know I'm gonna walk around the city for the whole day, and moreover during the cold season, I always try to cover myself as much as I can, not to suffer from freezing cold. So this time the solution was layering, and I really layered up myself like a cabbage. In addition to the warm sweater I put on the long green trench, and then added the grey coat, and to be 100% sure that I'm not gonna catch a cold I also wore a scarf. In the end the funniest part was that the weather that day was pretty nice and I was kinda melting of warmth, but hey...let's see the good part: I didn't catch cold! So if you have to be outside for a long time and you want to stay warm, you can also opt for such a layered outfit ;) I hope you'll get inspired by my look and see you in the next post about the most interesting sights of Budapest!