Just imagine a city full of dazzling  palaces, decorated with astonishing art pieces, and surrounded by exquisite architecture and beautiful parks that form an artistic whole. All of this and much more you can find in Potsdam. This breathtaking Brandenburg jewel traces its roots back to the 10th century. At that time it was just a small village with less than 2000 citizens, the number, which drastically decreased during the Thirty Years’ War, because of hunger, and epidemics. Everything changed after Frederick Wilhelm chose this neighborhood for building his hunting residence, and later on it became the official residence of the Prussian Royal family of the Hohenzollerns.

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New Palace

In spite of the fact that Potsdam is not a large city, it has a lot to offer to its visitors. Around 20 palaces with astonishing views and architecture are located on its territory, but if you want to visit the richest and the most impressive palace of them all, you should head directly to the New Palace. The construction of this masterpiece was finished in the second half of the XVIII century, and it is actually the last great palace that represents the Prussian Baroque style. Due to its dimensions and grandeur it was mainly used for solemn receptions. With a total of 200 rooms, a few grand halls and a theatre, there was more than enough space for a truly marvelous ball. 

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The most popular palace, however, is Sanssouci and its park of the same name. This absolutely stunning summer residence was built for the most famous Prussian king Frederick II. Made in pure rococo style, this elegant rather than opulent palace is often compared to Versailles. Surrounded by the vineyard from one side, and by the Sanssouci park from the other, this palace looks as if taken from a painting. Even its name, translated from French, means “carefree”, and indeed, who would worry or care about anything when living in a piece of heaven?

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If you prefer the classical style rather than the overwhelming baroque or rococo, the Marble Palace is the perfect place for you. The construction of this beautiful palace was initiated by Frederick Wilhelm II as a refuge from all the monarch's duties, where he could completely dedicate himself to his great passion - art. Positioned on the shore of the Saint lake and overlooking an absolutely charming park on the opposite side, this red brick two-storied building surrounds you with an atmosphere, in which it’s hard not to get inspired. In the palace park on the nearby lake shore you can find the kitchen made in the style of the Roman ruins. An underground corridor provides a connection with an artificial grotto on the ground floor of the palace which served as a dining room in summertime. The grotto hall, concert hall and living areas of the king are gorgeously decorated with inlaid work, silk coverings, stucco works, marble chimneys, paintings and handcrafts.